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    Rehome your pets hassle-free

    Rehoming or bestowing your pet must be stress-free and hassle-free. The Dog Land, India’s best petcare company has took the endeavour to give your pet a healthy & beautiful lifestyle. We have designed a loyal, uncomplicated & unrestricted endeavour to assist you to rehome your pet from your caring relative straight to another home.

    Some advice for placing your pet for rehoming in an affectionate new family – Make your dog glance more appealing to possible new owners. Ensure your dog is immunised and inspected by a veterinarian. Also, ensure your pet is sterilised.

    Be transparent with the new parent. Communicate all the facts about your pet’s qualities. Convey your pet’s favourite meals, games, and any manners problems your pet is undergoing so that possible new adopters will have the details they require to decide if your pet would be a suitable fit for their family.

    Why rehome your pet?

    • The Dog Land caters for adopters to satisfy and understand about pets from the parents who know them nicely.
    • Your pet goes straight from one loving house to another probable owner. 
    • The Dog Land gives a stress-free pet adoption stage thereby decreasing the probability of sickness or distress.

    How does pet rehoming work?

    • Fill in your & your pets information in the form
    • Provide each information of your pet including diet, medicine, or possessing illness if any.
    • Update explicit and appealing images of your pet for probable owners to visit and explore.
    • Your pet’s information would be glimpsed by potential owners.
    • Potential owners would reach you for more info if needed and speak to them to know if they are a significant fill for your fur baby.

    The Dog Land is India’s best pet care marketplace to deliver a digital pet adoption platform where individuals who like to adopt a dog or cat come in touch with people who want to rehome a dog or cat. The best feasible way to care about your precious pet is to keep them out of the shelter houses and rehome them to a caring family.