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The Dog Land / Dog – Pet Training Center in Ahmedabad

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We give medical
care to your pets

Dog Training Near Me

Management Techniques

We use techniques that are efficient to modify your pet’s behaviour.

Strengthen Bond

We help you bridge the gap between you and your dog.

Dog Training Near Me
Dog Trainers Near Me


Training increases your pet’s confidence to explore the surroundings.

Dog Trainers Near Me

Mental Stimulation

Engaging your dog’s mind is as important as physical exercise.

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Our Certified Dog Trainers Methods

The Dog Land certified pet trainers are trained and passionate about the well-being of pets and are dedicated to strengthening the bond between the pet & their parent.
  • Instructors are taught science-based training principles that reward appropriate dog behaviours instead of punishing negative ones.
  • Positive Dog Training at home is a rewards-based approach to teaching pet parents how pups think, learn, and communicate with others.
  • Our dog trainers can build customized training plans to meet your goals and lifestyle.
Dog Trainers Near Me
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Dog Training Packages in Ahmedabad

Dog Training

₹12,999/ Per Month

Puppy Socialization Package


Basic Obedience Training


Advanced Obedience Training